About Strukturinvest

Strukturinvest Fondkommission develops investment solutions for individuals as well as companies and institutions. Our goal is to offer our customers the market's most attractive investments, adapted to current market conditions and individual risk preferences.

Legal information


Strukturinvest Fondkommission is an independent Swedish securities company under the supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finansinspektionen) and holds the following licenses:

  • Receipt and transmission of orders regarding financial instruments (2010-07-01)
  • Execution of orders regarding financial instruments on behalf of clients (2010-07-01)
  • Investment advice to clients regarding financial instruments (2010-07-01)
  • Placing financial instruments without a firm commitment (2010-07-01)
  • Holding financial instruments and receive funds with a reporting obligation (2010-07-01)
  • Discretionary portfolio management regarding financial instruments (2011-05-23)
  • Trading with financial instrument on the company’s own behalf (2013-03-22)
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