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Hamiltonian Global Credit Opportunity Fund

Hamiltonian Global Credit Opportunities Fund is an actively managed hedge fund focusing on global credit markets The fund employs an absolute return strategy and the objective is to create a stable return over time which is independent of the return on the financial markets.

  • Hamiltonian methodology: A mathematical concept used in optimal control theory, as well as in modern macroeconomics, aiming to solve optimization problems. Recognizing the Hamiltonian approach used by central banks is key to understand the progression of asset prices.
  • Global credit exposure: The fund invests globally in corporate bonds and credit derivatives. The fund is geographically flexible and thus able to move enough capital to the areas where opportunities arises fast.
  • Total return target: The fund can go long as well as short (i.e. earn money when interest rates rises and/or corporate bonds decreases in value). A manager with the opportunity to short risk also has the opportunity to go long more risk when the market goes up.

Portfolio Strategy

Portfolio management team

Sean George previously held a position as managing director and senior trader at Jefferies International. Over the past 20 years, he has also held positions as Head of IG CDS and Electronic Trading at DB, Global Co-Head of CDS trading at BAC, senior trader at UBS, portfolio manager at Conseco and corporate bond broker at Cantor Fitzgerald. He has several times been ranked a top-tier dealer in his cash and CDS trading businesses. Sean earned his B.Sc. in business administration from the University of Gothenburg but has been working in New York since 1996.









Struktuinvest is the investment manager of the Hamiltionian GCO fund, which in turn is a “reserved alternative investmenf fund” (RAIF) with Carne Global Fund Managers (Luxembourg) S.A as appointed alternative investment fund managers (AIFM). Carne is regulated by the Luxembourg Financial Supervisory Authority (CSSF). Struktuinvest is authorised and regulated in Sweden by Finansinspektionen. Hamiltonian CGO is only suitable for professional investors (or in some cases non-professional investors who meet certain requirements and are therefore considered appropriate for an investment in the fund) in accordance with the regulatory framework which applies to the fund in Luxembourg. This material is not intended to be available to any person or company in a country in which the availability of the material is prohibited by law or otherwise limited. This publication is not intended for you who reside in the United States or investors with their registered office in the United States. Reasonable efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of the information on this page. However, it cannot be completely ruled out that the material is based on unaudited or unverified numbers and sources. Complete information such as fact sheet, information brochure and fund regulations can be obtained from Strukturinvest.




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